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Seawalker Bali, Membawa Anda Ke Dunia Bawah Laut Yang Menakjubkan !
Seawalker adalah cara termudah dan paling nyaman untuk merasakan petualangan bawah laut.
Ini sangat sederhana seperti berjalan dan bernafas dengan normal! Tak ada hal yang perlu dipelajari mengenai bagaimana cara menyelam dan menggunakan peralatan.
Seawalker telah dirancang untuk memperkenalkan anda dan menjelajahi dunia bawah laut. Peralatan tersebut dibuat di Jepang.
Learn more detail about sea walker by clicking pop up link below:
Bergabunglah dengan kami dan nikmati tur yang dipandu oleh banyak spesies ikan yang berwarna-warni di terumbu karang yang indah di Bali.

Five important keywords about our Seawalker.

  • Safety - Our instructors are always with you!
  • Easy - Just breath as normal, the same as you are now doing!
  • Fantastic - The feeling to became a fish!
  • Simply - Bring your swimsuit only!
  • Comfortable - Face does not get wet! So you can keep the glasses and make up on!
Seawalker name is under in worldwide registery. In Bali there are just 2 places allowed to use "Seawalker". Imagine walking in zero gravity while surrounded by incredible aquatic life

That is the Seawalker experience

Seawalker Tour Information

  • Duration of tour
    1.0 - 1.5 hours from and return to Grand Mirage Beach
  • Short Briefing
    10 - 15 minutes
  • Transfer Boat Ride
    10 minutes/way
  • Diving Time:
    20-25 min including photo session (purchasing photos at separate charges)
  • Depths
    03 – 05 m and sand bottom with coral rock and many species tropical fishes
  • Participation qualification
Those who have ear or lung problems and other respiratory diseases as of chronic sinus conditions or ear surgery problems are not allowed to dive

Seawalker Price

  • Seawalker
    US$75/adult (13-80years)
    US$65/child (08-12years)
  • Internet Special Price
    US$59/child (08-12years)
  • Early bird special
    (who booked one month advance before check in at Grand Mirage Resort)
  • Price including
    Seawalker equipment's use, transfer, insurance, special shoes, photo session Professional instructor and our professional high level of service!
  • DVD / CD
    memorial photo available
  • Participation qualification
Those who have ear or lung problems and other respiratory diseases as of chronic sinus conditions or ear surgery problems are not allowed to dive

Operation Hours

Operation Hours
From 08:00am-18:00 pm hours depending on the weather and sea conditions. Advance reservations recommended.

How to Book
Email: seawalker@grandmirage.com

Seawalker Terms & Conditions

During an operation
Guest cancels a diving after listening to the briefing and before entering the water CANCELLATION FEE – 50% of rate for whole year
Guest cancels a diving after entering the sea CANCELLATION FEE – 100% of rate for whole year.
  • One day before 10:00am to 17:00pm FIT CANCELLATION FEE
    (except on 25th December – 15th January high season)-50% of rate.
  • One day before after 17:00pm, same day and above mentioned high season CANCELLATION FEE and NO SHOW – 100% of rate for whole year
  • Before diving during operation – 50% of rate for whole year

Question and Answer

Q: Do I need to put on scuba weight?
A: Seawalker helmet is specially designed so that sufficient weight preserves the balance, there is no need to put weight.
Q: Is there in any other reason not to put on weight?
A: For emergency can't up to the surface easily if you have weight.
Q: If you fall in water, then flooded helmet do?
A: Seawalker helmets are individually balanced by hand to increase stability and make it very difficult for guests to fall over.
Q: How did the air come to the helmet?
A: We have air compressor on the pontoon for keeping continue to make natural air for you to breathe unlimited. Therefore you can possible to dive when day of your flight and you may not feel tired by normal air.This is a much more different between scuba tanks.
Q: If air compressor something problem what happen will be come?
A: Nothing happed come to you.
Because we have scuba tank on pontoon for emergency to use always attached to the air supply. This air is sent automatically to your helmet just simply opening the valve. And you have enough air in your helmet 20 liter already, so all air system shutdown also nothing problem not coming to you. The value of position 20L is even used to maximize the hose, you can come back in a volume sufficiently slowly. Our diving courses are also designed with consideration of these.
Q: How much depth can we dive?
A: You can dive as same as a scuba diving but for your safety we have maximum around 0.5m
Q: Do I need to prepare special shoes for under water walking?
A: No, we have special shoes for you. You don't need to prepare anything! Just put on the swimming suite.
Q: Who is taking me into the underwater?
A: Our professional instructor always with you from beginning to the end
Q: How do I walk underwater?
A: We use a special guide bar which everyone stays together.
Q: Do you have any minimum number of person?
A: Minimum number of person for the operation will be 2 pax and maximum 6 pax each time
Q: What to bring?
A: Put on swimming suite, towel, sunscreen, change of close, money . Site Refrence
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