Drink List
"Selection of Premium beverages from 09.00 pm till midnight at Panorama Lounge only based on All inclusive beverage list"


Gimlet - Gin and lime Juice (Included for All Inclusive Guest)
Americano - Campari, sweet vermouth, soda water
Good Times - Gin and dry vermouth
Campari Cosmo - Vodka, Campari, Triple sec, Orange juice

Rum Runner - Orange juice, apricot brandy, banana liqueur, dark rum, Grenadine Syrup
Hight Beat - Dark rum, orange curacao, lime juice, Angostura bitters, ginger ale
Sandy Short - Vodka, apricot brandy, melon liqueur, Triple Sec, cranberry juice, orange juice, sweet and sour mix
Sex On The Beach - Vodka, southern comfort, cranberry juice, orange juice
Long Beach - Tequila, triple sec, rum, vodka, gin, sweet and sour mix, cranberry juice
Cherry Lane - Vodka, benedictine liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, and Angostura bitters

Cocktail Included for All Inclusive Guest
Lemon Drop - Vodka, lemon juice, sugar syrup
Bahama Mama - Coffee liqueur, dark rum, coconut liqueur, light rum, lemon juice, pineapple juice
Abelito - Vodka, cranberry juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup, soda water
Hurricane - Light rum, dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, grenadine
El Pepino - Tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice, cucumber, cilantro leaves
Blue Bayou - Vodka, blue curacao, fresh pineapple, lemon fruit juice, chunk of pineapple for garnish
Green Star - Bacardi, Midori, orange juice, Sprite
Pina Colada - White rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, pineapple fruit
Frostini - Cream Liqueur, Coffee Liqueur, Peppermint , fresh mint sprig for garnish
Mojito - White rum, lemon juice, lemon slice, white sugar, mint leave, soda water for toping
Caipirinha - White rum, brown sugar, slice lemon, served over ice
Bella - Vodka, white rum, Triple Sec, lime juice, cranberry juice and Sprite
Chi-Chi - Vodka, blue curacao, coconut cream, fresh pineapple, vanilla ice cream
Blue Hawaiian - Pineapple juice, dark rum, blue curacao, coconut cream
Cucumbar - Gin, melon liqueur, lemon juice, syrup, cucumber
Fuzzy Thing - Vodka, Triple Sec, white rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, sweet and sour mix
WooooW - White rum, vodka, tequilla, gin, lemon juice, syrup, lemonade
Pluto Punch - Banana liqueur, white rum, Triple Sec, lime cordial, orange juice, guava juice
Tropical Moon - Melon liqueur, coconut liqueur, pineapple juice
Blue Lemon Bitter - Blue curacao, lemon juice, Angostura bitter, sprite
Star Passion - Vodka, Blue Curacao, pineapple liqueur, pineapple juice, passion fruit juice
Mirage Punch - Gin, pineapple juice, orange juice, lemon juices, simple syrup, Angostura bitters
All Time Favorites
Included for All Inclusive Guest

Bloody Mary - Lemon juice, Tabasco Sauce, Tomato Juice, salt and pepper, Vodka, L and P Sauce
Caipiroska - Lime juice, sugar, vodka
White Russian - Vodka, coffee liqueur and milk
Cuba Libra - White Rum, lime, Cola
Margarita - Tequilla, Triple Sec, lemon juice
Banana Daiquiri - Banana, lime juice, sugar, Triple Sec, white rum
Non Alcoholic
Included for All Inclusive Guest

Cola Cola - Coconut milk, lime juice, Cola
Cranberry Cream - Apple juice, coconut cream, cranberry juice, grenadine, lime juice
Flamingo - Cranberry juice, lemon juice, pineapple juice, soda water
Virgin - Cranberry juice, orange juice, lemon juice, pineapple juice
Beat the Heat - Pineapple juice, orange juice, lemon juice, grenadine, top with ginger ale
Colada - Pineapple fruit, banana, coconut cream, pineapple juice
Soft Drink - Cola, Fanta, Sprite, soda water, ginger ale, bitter lemon, Diet Coke, Cola Zero, Aqua water
Included for All Inclusive Guests

Fruit Juice - Orange juice/pineapple juice/lemon juice/watermelon juice/papaya juice/tomato juice, apple juice or mixed juice
On The Rock with your choice of mixer

Wiskey, dark rum, white rum, gin, vodka - Drink mixer: Cola, Sprite, soda water, ginger ale, Fanta or bitter lemon

Large Bintang, large Bali Hai, small Bintang, small Bali Hai, Carlsberg , Small Bintang
Small Bali Hai (Included for All Inclusive Guest)
Milk Shake/Smoothie
Included for All Inclusive Guests

Ice Cream Milk Shake - Vanilla or strawberry or chocolate or mixed
Strawberry Smoothie - Banana, honey, orange juice, strawberries ice cream
Fruit Lassie - Fresh fruit, yoghurt, sugar syrup, water
Mango Orange Smoothie - Mango juice, orange juice, vanilla ice cream
Hot Coffee And Teas

Cafe Grande - Tia Maria coffee liqueur, creme de cacao, Grand Marnier orange liqueur, hot black coffee.
Monte Cristo - Kahlua coffee liqueur, Grand Marnier orange liqueur, hot black coffee whipped cream
Cafe Seattle - Bailey's Irish cream, Vodka, hot coffee

Hot Coffee And Teas Included for All Inclusive Guest
Hot Coffee latte - Espresso coffee, hot milk, milk foamed
Black Coffee
Espresso Coffee
Cappucino Coffee - Espresso, hot milk
Mocha Macchiato - Milk, white chocolate syrup, brewed espresso, chocolate syrup
Assorted Teas - Assorted flavor
Iced Coffee And Teas
Included for All Inclusive Guests

Espresso Cocktail - Kahlua coffee liqueur, vodka, espresso, Brown sugar
Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino - Espresso coffee, vanilla ice cream, milk, whipped cream
Iced Coffee Latte - Brewed espresso, milk, milk foam, sugar syrup
Black Iced Coffee - Black coffee, sugar syrup, ice
Moccacino - Brewed espresso, chocolate sauce, milk, ice
Iced Coffee Vienna - Black coffee, vanilla ice cream, syrup, whipped cream
Mirage Iced Tea - Strong tea, milk, ice cubes, garnish with mint
Iced Lemon Tea - Strong tea, lemon slice, sugar syrup, lemongrass

Pimm's No.1, Americano, Negroni, Dubonet, Pernod, Martini Sweet Vermouth Compari Orange

Baileys Irish Cream, Benedictine, Cointreau, Drambuie, Grand Marnier Southern Comfort, Galliano, tequilla, Ameretto, Kahlua, Cream De Cacao, Tia Maria
Hatten House Wine
Included for All Inclusive Guest

Hatten Rose Wine - The delicate wine displays tropical fruit aromas and flowery overtones. It leaves a clean and refreshing aftertaste on the palate. Locally grown Alphonse-Lavallee grape of French origin
Grand Cafe
Breakfast Collection (07.00 am - 11.00 am)

Continental Breakfast - Fresh fruit juice (orange, pineapple, water melon, honeydew melon, papaya, tropical mixed) or seasonal fresh fruit platter served with fruit or natural yoghurt, three kinds of pastries, freshly brewed coffee or tea

American Breakfast - In addition to the continental breakfast, two eggs any style plus your choice of sausage links, grilled ham or pork bacon, crisp potato pancake & grilled tomato

Indonesian Breakfast - Fresh fruit juice (orange, pineapple, water melon, honeydew melon, papaya, tropical mixed), seasonal fresh fruit salad with lemongrass & ginger, bubur ayam (traditional chicken porridge served with assorted condiments) or nasi/ bakmi goreng (Indonesian fried rice or egg noodles with chicken and shrimp topped with fried egg and shrimp crackers), freshly brewed coffee or tea

Indulgence Breakfast - Crisp pan fried crepe with ham & cheese filling served with grilled tomato & olive oil sautéed potatoes, including seasonal fresh fruit platter with blossom honey & granola, bakery basket & selection from our brewing machine
Grand Mirage Morning Classic

Fresh Fruit Juice - Orange, pineapple, watermelon, honeydew melon, papaya, tropical mixed

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter - Served with fruit or natural yoghurt

Granary Selection - Your choice of chocolate puffs, corn flakes, muesli or rolled oats served with full cream milk

French Toast - Served with cinnamon sugar, syrup and fresh fruit salsa

Banana Pancakes - Served with citrus whipped butter and maple syrup

Bakery Basket - Daily assortment (4) of danish and croissant

Croissant - Flaky baked butter croissants (2) filled with smoked ham, tomato & Swiss cheese

As You Like It Egg Selection - Two farm fresh eggs cooked to your liking served with grilled tomato, and choice of bacon, ham or sausage

Omelet - Two egg-omelet with your choice of cheese, ham, mushroom, onion or pepper, served with toast & grilled tomato

Smoked Salmon - Built for you on a toasted ciabatta loaf with cream cheese, tomatoes, onions and capers
Children Favourite

Flinstone Fish Nuggets - Crumbed fish fillet nuggets served with straight cut chips and tartar sauce

Castaway Kids Pizza - Individual kids sized pizza topped with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese

Hot Dogosaurus - Grilled beef hotdog in a soft hoagie roll served with French fries and tomato ketchup

Slitherin Spaghetti - Tossed in a rich tomato sauce served with parmesan cheese & soft garlic pull apart loaf

Gorilla Grilled Cheese - Grilled cheese sandwich served with french fries

Bronto Burger - Pure mini beef burgers (3) served with french fries

Lava Mud Sundae - Chocolate chip cookie topped with homemade vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Tropicana Fruit Cup - Diced seasonal fresh fruits
Tapas Taste

Gazpacho - Chilled tomato soup served with crisp grissini sticks

Ensaladilla - Crisp romaine lettuce hearts with creamy potato mayonnaise & egg salad

Calamares - Fried calamari rings served with lemon & garlic alioli

Gambas - Sautéed shrimp with garlic, parsley & smoked pimento

Pincho - Mini baguette loaf with potato tortilla

Montadito - Sliced baguette with olive oil, tuna & roast pimiento
Soup and salad

Soup Of The Day - Freshly prepared soup of the day

Mushroom Soup - Puree of fresh forest mushrooms with cream

Chicken Corn - Classic Asian corn soup with chicken & green onion

Green Salad - Mixed green leaf served in parmesan wafer with choice of the following dressings: balsamic, thousand island, pink peppercorn, French, Italian

Caesar Salad - Romaine lettuce hearts tossed with caesar dressing and garlic croutonss

Vegetable Spring Rolls - Rice paper rolls served with sweet chili and soya sauce

Prawn Salad - Tender poached shrimp served with organic mixed greens, white tofu & sesame seaweed salad

Salmon Salad - Smoked salmon with apple & jicama salad, mustard and honey dressing
Indonesian corner

Gado – Gado - Indonesian vegetable salad with tofu, bean cake and spiced peanut dressing

Soto Ayam - Spiced clear chicken soup with fine noodles

Sop Buntut - Slow braised oxtail and vegetable broth served with sambal, crackers and steamed white rice

Rawon Sapi - Braised beef in Javanese broth and bean sprout served with steamed white rice

Mie Goreng - Wok fried yellow egg noodles with chicken, seafood and vegetables

Sate - Traditional Indonesian spiced chicken, beef or pork satay (8) served with steamed rice cake and peanut sauce

Nasi Goreng - Wok fried rice served with lemongrass shrimp, fried chicken and mixed satay

Chicken Curry - Indonesian style chicken curry served with white rice

Seafood Cap Cay - Wok fried vegetables with assorted seafood and oyster sauce

Sandwich & burgers

Grand Mirage Club - Toasted triple decker sandwich filled with bacon, egg, cheese, tomato served with french fries

Tuna - Tuna & mayonnaise salad served in soft sesame challah loaf with french fries

Classic B.L.T - Turkey bacon , lettuce , tomato served with French fries

Ham Cheese - Grilled ham & cheese sandwich on your choice of white or multigrain bread served with french fries

Chicken Schnitzel - Breaded & pan fried chicken breast served on soft roll with harissa mayonnaise & french fries.

Burgers - Choice of char grilled beef or chicken burger served with french fries and side salad.

Hot Dog - Traditional grilled beef hot dog served with onion marmalade and french fries.

Pizza & pasta

Spaghetti, Penne Or Fettuccine - Pasta served with soft garlic pull apart loaf & your selection of the following sauces: bolognese, napolitana, pesto, mushroom cream, carbonara with beef or pork ham

Chicken Lasagna - House rolled pasta sheets with green chicken curry served with tossed salad leaves

Pizza Margherita - Tomato, oregano, mozzarella & basil leaf

Pizza Capricciosa - Sausage, ham, artichoke, salami, tomato & cheese

Pizza Atlantis - Mixed seafood, tomato & cheese

Vegetarian - Tomato, black olive, jalapeno, mozzarella & goat cheese

Nachos - Baked corn chips with beef chili, tomato salsa & guacamole

Empanada - Spinach, pumpkin & currant empanada served with coriander mole & greens

Sweet & Sour - Fried soybean cake with sweet & sour sauce, served with steamed white rice

Vegetable Lasagna - Gratin egg pasta sheets layered with mixed vegetable & tomato ragout

Tempura - Crisp fried mushrooms served with remoulade sauce

Sausage & Mash - Served with rich onion sauce, mash potato and truffled green beans

Fish & Chips - Crisp battered fish fillet served with french fries, malt vinegar & braised green peas

Australian Beef Tenderloin Centre Cut - Grilled beef tenderloin served with grilled tomato, sautéed potato, crisp onion & garden fresh vegetable ragout & your choice of the following sauce: mushroom cream, hollandaise, red wine, black pepper

Lamb Shank - Slow braised lamb shank with rosemary, mashed potato & root vegetables

Red Snapper - Grilled red snapper fillet with Balinese spice paste served with steamed rice & long bean "Kalasan"

Barramundi - Grilled barramundi fillet with macadamia nuts, rucola & smoked pork loin

Salmon - Crispy skin salmon served on lemon tossed greens, salsa, pesto & balsamico

Black Pepper Beef - Stir fried beef with cracked black pepper sauce

Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork - Stir fried chicken served in sweet and sour sauce

Chicken Kungpao - Stir fried chicken with dried chili and cashew nut

Yang Chow Fried Rice - Yang chow fried rice with pork charsiew, shrimp & egg

Sundae - Vanilla bean ice cream sundae topped with warm chocolate ganache sauce & banana bread croutons

Green Tea - Green tea mousse with white chocolate, almond joconde

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter - Served in sesame basket with honey yoghurt

Indonesian Fried Banana - Served with chocolate fondue & shredded cheese

Baked Cheesecake - Classic cream cheesecake served with berries coulis and marinated strawberries

Ice Cream Selection (3 scoops) - Please check with our staff for daily selection

Apple Pie - Cinnamon Spiced Apple Pie In Flaky Pastry Served With Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Catalan Cake - Served with banana ice cream

Supper Menu

Caesar Salad - Romaine lettuce hearts tossed with caesar dressing and garlic croutons

Crispy Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls - Served with sweet chili and soya sauce

Sop Buntut - Slow braised oxtail and vegetable broth. Served with sambal, crackers and steamed white rice

Mie Goreng - Wok fried rice yellow egg noodles with chicken, seafood and vegetables.

Nasi Goreng - Wok fried rice served with lemongrass shrimps, fried chicken and mixed satay

Grand Mirage Club - Toasted triple sandwich filled with bacon, egg, cheese, tomato, served with French rice

Pizza Margherita - Tomato, oregano, mozzarella, and basil leaf

Fish & Chip - Crisp battered fish fillet served with French fries, malt vinegar and braised green peas Seasonal Fresh Fruit - Served with honey yoghurt

Jukung Restaurant
Salads & Appetizer

Wedges - Crisp fried potato wedges served with red pimento "Mojo Picon"

Spring Rolls - Crisp vegetable spring rolls served with sweet chili sauce

Chicken Wings - Creole wings served with garlic alioli & fries

Calamari - Fresh breaded calamari rings with remoulade sauce, lime & smoked salt

Mixed Salad - Salad of crisp greens with tomato, olives, pepper, egg & marinated tuna

Greek - Chopped crisp summer vegetables with feta cheese, steamed shrimp & warm pita bread

Salmon - Smoked salmon slices with truffled green beans, quail egg & lemon cream

Tomato - Vine ripe tomatoes with onion & green peppers dressed with virgin olive oil & balsamic, served with crusty baguette

Garlic Bread - Grilled garlic bread baguette served with fresh tomato salsa

Tom Yum - Spiced clear seafood soup with aromatic spices

Soup of the day - Daily creation from our chef's

Gazpacho - Chilled tomato soup with diced peppers, onion and egg served with crisp grissini sticks
Main Course

Beef Pie - Flaky baked pie filled with braised beef served with fries & mixed green leaves

Fish & Chips - Crisp battered fish fillet served with french fries & remoulade sauce

Noodles - Hong Kong yellow noodles topped with mushroom bourguignon

Chicken - Grilled chicken kebab with cumin & smoked paprika served with green salad, citrus crema

Seafood Skewer - Grilled seafood skewer served with yellow rice cone & spiced tomato jam

Satay - Your choice of char grilled beef, chicken or pork satay served with steamed rice cake, pickles & ground nut sauce

Ribs - Grilled pork ribs with sesame & hoisin served with steamed rice & bok choy

Seafood - Crisp assorted seafood served with french fries and trio sauce

Katsu - Breaded pork or chicken served with steamed rice, yuzu dressed cabbage & bulldog sauce

Calamari - Fresh breaded calamari rings with remoulade sauce, lime & smoked salt
Sandwich & Burger

Grand Mirage Club - Toasted triple decker sandwich filled with bacon, egg, cheese, tomato served with french fries

Jaffle - Grilled ham & cheese jaffle, served with french fries

Taco - Soft tortilla filled with crisp fried fish bites, shredded cabbage & pico de gallo salsa

Burger - Choice of char grilled beef or chicken burger served with french fries and side salad

Hot Dog - Grilled chicken or beef hot dog served with onion relish, fries & mixed leaf salad

Pulled Pork - Slow roast pulled pork served in hoagie roll with cabbage slaw & french fries

Fruit - Selection of locally sourced seasonal fresh fruit

Scoops (2) - Please check with our staff for available ice cream flavors

Sticky toffee - Warm sticky toffee pudding served with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate "WOW" - Served with chocolate sauce

Banana spring roll - Fried banana & brown sugar spring roll served with vanilla ice cream

Sorbet cube - Choice of sorbet ( 2 scoops) served with marinated berry salad

Watermelon pops (Ea) - Refreshing frozen watermelon cubes & puree
Dinner Supplement

Flank Steak - Sicilian marinated flank steak skewers served with roast corn cob & cilantro pesto

Tenderloin - 200 gm aged import beef tenderloin served with baked potato, roast tomato & seasonal vegetables. Choose from barbecue sauce or natural jus

Cube roll - 200 gm aged import cube roll steak served with baked potato, roast tomato & seasonal vegetables. Choose from barbecue sauce or natural jus

Seafood extravaganza - Selection of flame grilled seafood including lobster, prawn, tuna, satay, skewer & squid served with steamed white rice & selection of sauces includes seasonal fresh fruit selection & complimentary salad bar

Salmon - Grilled salmon fillet served with steamed rice, coconut & papaya salsa

Catch of the day - Grilled fish fillet with curry mango butter steamed rice & spiced green papaya salad

Chicken - Grilled chicken escallopes served with sweet chili sauce, bok choy & steamed rice

Prawn - Lemongrass skewered prawns served with tomato chili "Bumbu Bali", aromatic yellow rice & seared vegetables
La Cascata Restaurant

Verde La Cascata - La Cascata organic greens dressed with aged balsamic, olive oil, walnuts, cranberries & herbed labne cheese

Calamari - Salt & pepper fried squid served with fried zucchini and homemade tartar sauce

Caprese - Tomato, mozzarella & fresh basil leaf dressed with olive oil & balsamic syrup

Carrozza - Deep fried mozzarella in rustic breadcrumbs Served with tomato ragout

Salmone - Olive oil poached salmon served with orange roast beets, mixed leaf & mustard emulsion.

Carpaccio - Shaved beef carpaccio served with crisp bacon, shaved parmesan & truffle dressing

Arancini - Deep fried rice croquettes stuffed with mozzarella Served with fresh tomato relish

Bresaola - Salad of smoked beef, arugula & shaved parmesan

Prosciutto - Parma ham & melon with grissini

Tuna - Fresh tuna salad with white beans

Minestrone - Vegetables, dried beans, pasta & salt pork in rich broth

Squash - Cream of golden squash with walnuts

Shrimp - Conchiglie pasta with shrimp, asparagus & lemon

Tomato & apple - Spaghetti with tomato & apple sauce

Duck - Fettuccine pasta tossed with braised duck & porcini mushroom

Carbonara - Choice of pasta served with traditional egg, cheese & pancetta

Arabiata - Spaghetti with prawns, garlic & dried chili pepper

Pesto - Penne pasta with homemade walnut herb pesto

Margherita - Classic tomato, mozzarella & Basil pizza

Prosciutto - Pizza with air dried pork ham, mushroom, tomato & mozzarella

La Napolitana - Tomato & mozzarella pizza with anchovy & capers

Vegetariana - Grilled vegetable pizza with artichoke hearts, tomato & mozzarella

Frutti di Mare - With fresh seafood, tomato, garlic & mozzarella

Risotto - Prawn risotto with dried chili

Gnocchi - Gratinated gnocchi dumplings with parmesan & sundried tomato cream

Chicken - Layered chicken saltimbocca with dried ham, mozzarella, baby potatoes & sauce Barolo

Snapper - Grilled red snapper with capers, parsley, hazelnuts & cauliflower puree

Lamb - Roast crusted rack of Australian lamb served with garlic confit potato cream & grilled Tian of vegetables

Salmon - Roast fillet of salmon with tomato & eggplant Caponata, basil oil & potatoes

Veal - Braised shank Osso Bucco with potato mash & pan juices

Beef - Grilled grain fed Australian Angus beef tenderloin with mushrooms and garlic mashed potatoes

Tiramisu - Mascarpone cream cheese torte with espresso coffee & savoiade

Cannoli - Sweet fried Cannoli filled with ricotta cheese, chocolate mocha sauce

Panna Cotta - Vanilla bean Panna Cotta served with seasonal berries & red wine syrup

Ice cream - Layered ice cream Spumoni terrine

Fruit - Seasonal fresh fruit selection with citrus sorbet

Insalata ai Frutti di Mare - Seafood salad with Liguria olive and fresh fruit salad

Minestrone D'Asti - Vegetable soup asti Style

Osso Bucco Pietmontese - Slowly braised veal shank with polenta and panfried asparagus

La Cascata Tiramisu - La cascata tiramisu with lady finger

La Cascata Antipasto - Combination of ham, salami with parmesan and traditional condiments

Crème Tomato and Pesto - Tomato soup with cream and drizzle with pesto aioli

Pan Fried Fillet of Sword Fish - Crusted in nuts and resting on toasted vegetables, with flavored pepper sauce

Zabaione - Served with ice bowl

Torre di Mozzarella - Tower of Roma tomato and fresh mozzarella cheese with basil pesto

Cream of Mushroom Soup - Served with Tapenade on Olive Toasted

Salmone in Crosta di Pane - Oven baked filled of salmon on bread crust served on tomato vegetable broth

The Souffle - Chocolate soufflé with mango sauce and pistachio stick

Insalata Romana con Pomodori - Tomato & Romain lettuce on creamy dressing with sesame grissini, topped with crisp cold cut

Medley of Garden Vegetables Soup - Served with cheese crouton

Gamberoni alla Livornese in Cartoccio - Panfried jumbo prawns in paper parcel with stewed tomato, white wine and herb sauce

Black and White Parfait - With mixed fruit, black and white ice cream

Toasted of Tomato, Basil, Garlic A la Roma - Resting on olive toasted dressed with apple and balsamico dressing

Chef Option Soup of The Day - Served with special crouton

Slow Roasting of Chicken Breast - Covered with Tuscan tomato sauce and polenta cake

Gelati e Sorbeti - Ice cream and sherbet selection

Carpaccio di Manzo & Rucola - Thinly slice of peppered beef tenderloin with rocket leaves and parmesan shave, dress on extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice

Minestrone - Vegetable soup served with flavoured crouton

Saltimbocca Veal Loin - Broiled of veal loin served on mashed potatoes, flavored with cumin lentil , bouqette of vegetables and rich tomato mushroom sauce

Zuccotto - Ice cream cake covered with meringue
Theme Night Buffet at Grand Cafe (07:00 pm - 10:00 pm)
Roman Empire - Wednesday

Salad and Starter
Assorted lettuce, cold smoked fish pizza, chili steamed seafood with avocado dip and condiments, Tuscan green salad, beef carpaccio with crouton, sour cream and roasted pepper, sweet corn and macaroni salad, chunky cucumber and dill, Caponata Salad, selection of home made dressing

Soup and Bread
Tuscan Minestrone soup, assorted bread, olive oil, balsamic dressing

Small assorted topping pizza, garlic orange shrimp, baby potato with breadcrumbs and parmesan, grilled mixed fillets with brown butter & caperberries, beef lasagna, risotto stuffed tomato, Pollo all Arrabiata, baked zucchini with beef, raisins & almond

Pasta Station
Penne and spaghetti with selection of sauce

Gammon ham, roasted beef

Pannacotta with balsamic strawberry salad, Malakoff Torte, strawberry mousse, almond tart, tiramisu, assorted seasonal fruit selection, jam tart, Torta de ricota, cream puffs, chocolate cannoli
Sampan Oriental - Friday

Salad and Appetizers
Spinach salad with onion, bacon & Thai vinaigrette, rujak gohu, bean curd salad with wassabi, sweet potato salad, Asian coleslaw, green papaya salad, Thai rice pepper roll with glass noodles, roasted tomato salad, condiment: house vinaigrette, acar, onion ring, Thai chili sauce

Soup Kettle
Asparagus corn soup

Main Course
Java fried rice, Poh cay oyster sauce, Wok fried beef black pepper with coriander leave, Hokien mie, Chicken fried sate with grated coconut, Thai seafood with herb & green peas, Chicken katsu, laksa Jakarta

Carving - Ayam Betutu

Sweet Temptations
Lychee cream tart, passion fuit mousse cake, tropical fresh fruit, batun bedil with palm sugar & coconut milk, strawberry cheese cake, almond jelly in glass, chocolate cake, Action: Terang Bulan with peanut, chocolate rice & cheese
European Navigators - Sunday

Moroccan beetroot salad, Dutch potato salad, chicken nicose salad, Greek garbanzo bean salad, pasta salad with lemon and broccoli, smoked salmon quiche, alsace onion tart, assorted salad bar, tomato salad

Soup - French onion soup

Main Course
Chicken piri piri, braised red cabbage with cloves, potato pancake with apple sauce, smoked pork kasseler with seed mustard, Swiss steak, Alpine macaroni, Portuguese Beef Espetadas, Fish meuniere, Grilled fish skewer Veracruz

Carving Station - Baked salmon coulibiac

Chocolate crepe with bananas foster & vanilla ice cream, Paris Brest tart, Baklava, Norwegian hazelnut cake, Tiramisu chocolate mousse, Flourless chocolate cake, Seasonal fresh fruit selection, apple strudel, custard tarts, Danish Risalamande with dark cherries
Theme Night Buffet at Rama Stage, starting at 07.00 pm
East Meets West
Every Monday, Entertainment by Nusantara Dance and Duo Live Music.

Appetizers & Salads
Tomato salad, mixed vegetable salad, crisp tofu salad / sesame seaweed & shichimi togarashi, bean sprout and chicken, assorted fresh lettuce, shrimp rice paper wraps with nuoc cham, coleslaw salad, red bean salad, potato salad with soy dressing, bang bang chicken salad

Bread - Assorted house made bread selection

Soup - Vietnamese pho ga

Action Station - Wonton noodle soup

Carving Station - Roast beef with assorted sauces

Mongolian Stir-fry
With choice of meats and vegetables, chicken, beef, pork, fish ball, egg noodles, mixed seafood, caisin, carrot, bean sprout, white cabbage, woodear mushroom, tomato, onion, mixed peppers, red chili, garlic, ginger
SAUCE : Black bean sauce, sweet sour sauce, green curry sauce, teriyaki sauce, Szechuan sauce

Hot Dishes
Green chicken and eggplant curry, grilled snapper teriyaki, steamed white rice, roast hasselback potatoes, fu-yung hai, bean curd with black bean sauce, spring roll, Stir-fry poh cay with oyster mushroom, pork stroganoff

Desserts Coconut braised rice with rum flambe pineapple, strawberry financier, rum savarin, Malakoff Torte, Mixed individual fruit salad, Pineapple fritter with cinnamon + sugar and vanilla chocolate sauce, seasonal fresh fruits, bubur kacang hijau.
Aussie Barbecue
Every Tuesday, Entertainment by Legong Dance, Fire Dance and DJ

Salad And Appetizers
Mixed rice salad, Roast chicken & pineapple, Potato salad with green onion & mayonnaise, Tuscan chopped salad, assorted salad bar including home made dressings & condiments, creamy pasta salad with carrot, apple & jicama salad, sesame broccoli salad, prawn salad with mixed melons, mint and fetta cheese
Assorted salad leaf and house prepared dressings : Salad condiments, sliced tomato, iced onion rings,cucumber, peppers, carrot

Soup Kettle - Roast tomato soup

From The Chafing Dish
Baked potatoes, honey baked pumpkin, stir-fry string bean and baby corn, pilaf rice Buttered corn cobs, penne carbonara gratin

Pork medallions with garlic & lemon, Indian buttered chicken, chimmichuri skewered beef, beef scallopine bulgogi, assorted sausages, grilled fish fillet with zaatar, marinated prawn skewer

Sweet Temptations
Key lime pie, Seasonal fresh fruit selection, apple pie, chocolate brownies, black forest cheesecake, chocolate butter cake, mini pavlova with strawberries & chantilly cream, warm sticky date pudding with vanilla sauce, pan fried carrot cake with vanilla ice cream
Fiesta Latina

Every Thursday, entertainment by cabaret show and duo singer Tapas Appetizers
chilled gazpacho andaluz, Spanish mixed salad, selection of flame grilled vegetables with balsamico, Fish carpaccio w/ extra virgin olive oil, mussels vinaigrette, cumin flavored mushroom salad, prawn in green mayonnaise, potato omelet, marinated olive, vegetable crudities, Romesco and Aioli Sauces, Tomato salad with fetta cheese & green peppers, chickpea salad, tortilla chips w/ hummus, montadito with salmon

Soup - Chickpea soup w/ beef chorizo

Main Courses
Tuna marmitako, Albondigas, chicken in almond sauce, Pistou Manchego, pork pinchitos, saute green beans lemon & almonds, Spanish roast potatoes, braised shin with sherry & vegetables, saffron rice Action Station
Paella, fritto misto, smoked beef croquetta

Carving Station - Roast pork leg

Arroz con leche, Torrijas, crème catalana, chocolate mousse with hazenuts, Bunuelos de Manzana (Cuenca Sweet Dumplings), seasonal fresh fruits, pine seed cake, caramel flan, Leche fritta, baked apples with red wine,cinnamon & citrus, Frisuelos (Asturian crepes with fruit sauces & vanilla ice)
Balinese Village

Every Saturday, entertained by Kecak Dance

Salad & Starter
Tahu Gejrot, Long bean with sambal matah, Balinese potato salad, asinan Jakarta, srombotan Bali style (tossed vegetable with coconut style), sambal goreng tempe, sayur urap, tomato wedges, seafood bean sprout, Gado Gado,

3 kinds of dressing and sambal, bawang goreng, jug with 3 kinds of kerupuk

Soup - Balinese chicken soup with young papaya

Breads - Assorted bread basket and butter

Action Station - Suckling pig, pork sate with sweet and sour sauce,

Ayam Taliwang, pepes ikan, pork rica rica, ayam suwir suwir, beef rendang, grilled butter fish, fried rice, yellow rice, fried noodle, grated young papaya with coconut milk

Kue lapis, bolu lapis, kue lapis local 3, black rice pudding with coconut milk, assorted fruit slice, agar agar fruit, coconut pudding, lemper, banana cake, local jajan, cerorot, kue ayas, ice cream goreng
Wine List
"Selection of Premium beverages from 09.00 pm till midnight at Panorama Lounge only based on All inclusive beverage list"

White Wine
  • Artisan Sauvignon Blanc 2011 - An aromatic mix of gooseberry, asparagus and lime with a clean crisp finish
  • Two Island Chardonay - Tropical fruit aromas especially banana and pineapple, this wine has a crisp clean finish a medium acidity and long aftertaste, indicating a high quality wine
  • Two Island Riesling - Dry yet fruity and has a pure riesling varietal flavor and aroma. The palate has sharp acidity and citrus fruit flavor with hints of honeysuckle.
  • Paskua Muscat 2006 (Chilean) - The floral petals aromas and the sweet balanced texture
  • Hatten Aga White - Dry white wine delightful made from Belgia grapes. The fruity and lively has lemon flavors and a zesty finish
  • Livingston Chardonay (Californian) - Delivers impressive quality that consistently surpasses expectation. Easy to enjoy and share with others.
  • Hardy's Stamp Semillon Chardonay - Lively citrus fruit character, subtle oak and a crisp dry finish. Suited for seafood, white meat, mild cheese and salads
  • Jacob Creek Chardonay 2010 - A medium bodied wine with attractive lemon, ripe peach, melon and subtle oak flavours. Enjoy with grill vegetable, fish or chicken
  • Lindeman's Cawarra Chardonay - A rich fruity wine with ripe peach and honey flavours and a crisp dry finish
Red Wine
  • Hatten Aga Red - Medium bodied red wine with rich fruity grapes flavor, served slightly chilled. Cherry red impressions and tinges of purple are best suited for spicy dishes and grilled meats
  • Two Island Shiraz - Spicy cherry and berry flavored wine, followed by pepper character compliment with vanillin oak aroma and flavor. A typical rich dark full body wine from South Australian grapes
  • Artisan Shiraz 2011 - Rich and smooth with full fruit flavors of blackberry, mulberry and fruit of the forest, With juice a hint of French oak
  • Two Island Cabernet Merlot - Ruby red color and made from South Australian cabernet sauvignon and merlot grapes. Herbal, leafy and plum varietal traits are complemented with vanillin oak aromas
  • Jacob's Creek Shiraz Cabernet - A medium bodied wine boasting flavors of blackberry and plum with hints of pepper, smooth tannins and subtle oak. Enjoy with grilled steak, pizza or tomato based pasta dishes
  • Lindeman's Cawarra Cabernet Merlot - A full bodied wine with spice and fruit flavours along smooth finish
  • Two Ocean Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot - Medium bodied with ripe cherry aromas and a concentrated fruit finish
Rose Wine
  • Mateus Rose (Portuguese) - Young fresh fruity and versatile lemon wine. Being an excellent aperitif and ideal accompaniment to Chinese and Italian food, barbeque, salad and shellfish
  • Hatten Rose Wine - The delicate wine displays tropical fruit aromas and flowery overtones. It leaves a clean and refreshing aftertaste on the palate. Locally grown Alphonse-Lavallee grape of French origin