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Beauty Range Treatment



Sun Soothing Facial

40 minutes = US$40.00++

Sun Soothing Facial soothes moisturizes and revitalizes skin that has been exposed to the elements. Treatment begins with gentle cleansing, effective in calming sun damaged skin, followed by Aloe Vera face mask to nourish even the most sensitive skin.

Organic Facial

50 minutes = US$55.00++

This organic facial treatment is individually tailored to suit your skin's requirement based on organic vegetables/fruits and pure honey. This treatment offers pure pleasure with natural results. Specially recommended for the younger generation.

Men Power Facial

50 minutes = US$55.00++

The ultimate in organic skin care, customized for men skin, a relaxing, rejuvenating cleanse and men scrub exfoliation to energizing the skin and antioxidant.

Regenerating French Seaweed Facial with Neck Treatment Re-balancing/ Re-hydrating

75 minutes = US$70.00++

This full facial treatment including neck and eye offers French organic seaweed face mask course. Rich elements of seaweed will offer hydrated and one-tone highlighted skin. Touch of Thalasso Bali's professionals work magically with ingredients and offer lift-up effects throughout skillful massage. This treatment also thinks about neck area where the signs of aging appear easily.
Re-balancing : Recommended to oily skin, unbalanced hormone production problems, blackheads and dark/dull skin. Oligo-elements of marine clay collaborate with seaweed elements to work as sebum control and booster for subcutaneous tissues. Oil balanced, ideally hydrated and blemish controlled skin can be expected after the treatment.
Re-hydrating : Ideal for dry skin and exhausted skin. Rich in chlorophyll and essential acid, organic seaweed face pack helps to boost cell membranes and slow down aging process. Healthier glow skin will come as result of this facial treatment.

Botox Like Anti Wrinkle Facial with Firming Eye & Neck Treatment

90 minutes = US$128.00++

This luxury anti aging treatment focused on restraining appearance of signs. Thoughtful skincare is recommended after this treatment to preserve its visible progress. For sensible areas this special treatment uses eye serum which includes marine DNA and pavonica extracts to define the neck lines away from wrinkles too. Thalaspa Marine Detoxify Foot Wrap will be prepared during session for deep relaxation and detoxify.

Vitamin & Fresh Aloe Vera Cream Bath

-/+75 minutes = US$45.00++

Pamper yourself with a luxury scalp and hair treatment by Thalasso Bali. This traditional Balinese hair cream bath relieves neck and shoulder tension as well as nourishes roots of hair with blend of fresh Aloe Vera, Coconuts cream and essential oil according to hair type. Hair is then rinsed using Thalasso Bali original aromatherapy shampoo and conditioner, followed by hair vitamin application to encourage hair growth. Vitamin & Fresh Aloe Vera Cream Bath leaves hair shine with full vitality.

  • Rebalancing (Anti Dandruff, Oily Hair)
  • Nourishing (Dry Hair, Sprit End Hair, Unruly Hair)
  • Energizing (Thinning Hair, Hair Loss, Hair Restoration)


-/+60 minutes = US$30.00++

This indulgent manicure includes a stimulating avocado hand scrub, soothing aromatherapy hand bath, relaxing hand massage and essential nail maintenance and grooming. An infusion of lemon essential oil provides an added layer of protection for the cuticles. Finish the program with nail polish (choice of 1 color) or French manicure


-/+75 minutes = US$35.00++

Treat your feet to some well deserved pampering! This luxurious spa pedicure includes an invigorating mint sea salt foot scrub, relaxing aromatherapy bubble foot bath, foot massage and essential nail care. Peppermint extract is used to fight bacteria and leave the feet feeling as fresh as can be. Finish the program with nail polish (choice of 1 color)

Nail Polish

-/+30 minutes = US$15.00++

Pamper your hand and feet with a wonderful color of our nail polish collections.

Thalasso Aromatherapy Foot Works

25 minutes = US$30.00++

60 minutes = US$45.00++

What better to take the muscle aches, fatigue and stress away. Thalasso Aromatherapy Foot Works has been designed to help you walk with a new holiday spirit. Program also includes reflexology which is the physical act of applying pressure to the feet and hand with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. Available at the long chair near Thalasso Bali Aquamedic Pool with a splendid view to Indian Ocean. • Thalasso Aromatherapy Foot Works 25 (Aromatherapy Foot Massage for 25 minutes) • Thalasso Aromatherapy Foot Works 60 (Aromatherapy Foot Massage, Shoulder & Head Massage 60 minutes)