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Thalasso Therapy and Hydrotherapy



Feel the healing power of water and experience Thalasso Bali's rejuvenating treatments that are totally different to any others on the island.

The word was created by Dr. De La Bonnardiere, a French doctor in 1869, from the Greek word "thalassa" (sea) and "therapeuin" (the cure). It refers to the treatment using marine elements, seawater, and seaweed for curative and preventive means under medical supervision. Though the word was created in 19th century, the history of the use of seawater goes back 2500 years. The tradition of bathing in the sea begins in the ancient Roman times. Sea cleanses all the human illness, said Euripides-Greek Philosopher in BC 480.

In BC 420 Hippocrates, Galean and Aristole recommended hot seawater baths. The ancient Greeks and Romans were perfectly conscious that in the beginning, life existed only in the sea! Therefore they turned to the sea for a solution to their physical and medical problems. With the collapse of the Roman Empire the custom of seawater bath was forgotten until 18th century when the modern therapeutic basic of seawater was established.

For two centuries Thalassotherapy was only a medical technique which was initially devoted to rehabilitation and to treat serious illness such as rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, lumbar problems and reduction after bone's fracture, or sprain. But gradually, Thalassotherapy has moved towards a global conception for those under the conditions such as stress overwork, nervous tension, blood circulation problem, excess body weight, back pains, and for tobacco addiction which most of us who live in this modern society have at least one.


Aquamedic Pool

60 minutes = US$30.00++

120 minutes = US$35.00++

Experience the sensation of plunging into a 100% pure seawater pool heated to 38 degrees with a water station massage and exercise bar. This reduces excess cellulite and improves your muscle tone, flexibility and circulation through a series of aquatic leg exercises. Feel the force of the sea massaging your feet, lower back and shoulders under jet streams and pounding waterfalls or simply relax on an underwater bed as micro jets revive your body with an effervescent massage.


25 minutes = US$30.00++

Close your eyes and unwind as you lie back in a uniquely designed seawater bath. Our specially trained hydro therapist will direct an underwater jet massage to specific parts of the body to help tone muscles and stimulate deep relaxation.

Great Shower

15 minutes = US$30.00++

A bracing hydro massage awakens your entire body, leaving you refreshed, energized and ready to face another day. The warmth and power of the jet stream reduces both tension and cellulite to invigorate your skin and energize your spirit.

Thalasso Aerosol Marine

15 minutes = US$20.00++

Cleanses the respiratory system with an ionic seawater mist. Improves breathing problems caused by smoking and asthma.


90 minutes = US$58.00++

Start with a Deluxe Bubble Foot Bath by dipping your feet into gently bubbling water and let the tensions of the land drift away. A dual tub, specially designed to revive your feet and legs, is filled on either side with warm and cool seawater respectively. The bubbles and changes in temperature improve blood circulation while peacefully relaxing your mind, body and soul. A soothing scrub will remove rough skin and give feet a new lease of life. Then, polishing your foot to take out smell and dead skin. Finish the program with nail polish (choice of 1 color) or French manicure. (Deluxe Bubble Foot Bath, Hand Acupressure during Deluxe Bubble Foot Bath, Mint Sea Salt or Green Beans Foot Scrub, Foot Lotion, Pedicure with nail polish)

Aromatherapy Flower Bath

15 minutes = US$30.00++

A warm scented, flower-filled bath finishes off any luxurious skin treatment, purely for your ultimate relaxation and indulgence!

Sirih Leaf Bath

15 minutes = US$30.00++

This bath is a truly effective way to naturally deodorize the body and eliminate bacteria with a traditional Indonesian treatment combined with the luxury of Thalasso Bali.

Algue Body Glow Massage

55 minutes = US$55.00++

Taste different type of treatments in one massage. No need to take exfoliation separately, this Thalasso Bali signature massage combines gentle Sea Salt Glow scrub and French Seaweed paste. Using French technique Algue Body Glow Massage purifies the body and removes daily toxins as it eliminates accumulated dry and dead skin cells. This massage also helps to stimulate blood circulation and leaves a revitalized look and a feeling. For your first experience at Thalasso Bali Algue Body Glow Massage is a highly recommended treatment. Explore unforgettable unique experience of Thalasso Bali. Not recommended for children, elderly and sun damaged skin.

Affusion Shower Massage

50 minutes = US$68.00++

French style aromatherapy front massage is followed by affusion shower back massage. Warm and cool seawater spray will be cascading over the body while aromatherapy oil is rubbed over feet, legs and back to achieve rapid replenishment of vital elements for body such as iron, copper, manganese, cobalt and iodine. See with yourself after the treatment of immune system's, blood circulation's and muscle tone's improvement.

French Warm Algotherapy (Seaweed Body Wrap)

25 minutes = US$48.00++

Algotherapy is the therapeutic use of seaweed in thalasso-spa treatments. Application of body wrap made from warm seaweed paste and benefits include relaxation of the nervous system and rejuvenation of the skin. Your body is painted with French seaweed and a seawater paste and then wrapped in a warm blanket. Your skin condition will be improved also will tone up as it get moisturized while wrapping. The sea's natural elements are rapidly absorbed and your immune system is improved as toxins are eliminated and excess fat burns off.

French Warm Fangotherapy (Marine Clay Body Wrap)

25 minutes = US$48.00++

Mud wrap that detoxifies the body, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and helps with arthritis pain. Fangotherapy is a type of treatment where thermal mud that contains high concentrations of minerals are spread over the body to help cleanse, purify, and revitalize the skin. Not only does a Fangotherapy session leave you looking radiant and feeling calm (a result from the warm mud), but it also helps draw toxins out of the body, minimize muscle aches and pains, and help treat osteoarthritis, gout, and skin