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Aquamedic Pool

Experience the sensation of plunging into a 100% pure seawater pool heated to 38 degrees with a water station massage and exercise bar. This reduces excess cellulite and improves your muscle tone, flexibility and circulation through a series of aquatic leg exercises. Feel the force of the sea massaging your feet, lower back and shoulders under jet streams and pounding waterfalls or simply relax on an underwater bed as micro jets revive your body with an effervescent massage.

Do you know why "Aquamedic Pool" is good for you?

Q: Would you like to shape-up in healthy condition?
A: When our lymph drainage slows down, body fluid stuck in our body to make our body puffy. Aquamedic pool will stimulate your body circulation to release puffiness and encourage burning excess fat. Your body will increase metabolism even to prevent 'metabolic syndrome'.

Q: Easy to catch cold?
A: If our lymph drainage slows down, our immune system gets weak. Excise in Aquamedic Pool will stimulate your lymphatic circulation preventing from flu or sickness.

Q: Are you hypothermia?
A: To stimulate body cell, improve hypothermia or cold constitution.

Q: Is your skin allergic?
A: If you feel itchy or get minor rush when you try Aquamedic Pool, it means your skin is in healing process. Do not worry, Aquamedic Pool stimulates lymph and body circulation to release toxin from your body to promote inner strength.

Q: What if toxin remains in our body?
A: If our body cannot release toxin, mainly it remain inside our lever. It causes skin trouble as well as to weak our immune system.

Q: Easy to get tired?
A: Dead cell contains 'fatigue factor', poor drainage condition causes you to lead fatigue or trigger of neck/back pain. The detoxification effect of Aquamedic Pool will improve your body cycle into totally rejuvenate.

Q: Lack excise?
A: Feel the pleasant result of under water jet at Aquamedic Pool which will work on your muscle just like regular body excise.

Q: Are you under stress?
A: Enjoy underwater marine jet massage. Over looking at beautiful Indian Ocean, which the heated sea water set our body temperature will give you amazing healing power from the mother of earth. It will bring you to deep relaxation, free from stress as well as effect for insomnia.

These are some of pleasant basic effects of marine therapy treatment from Aquamedic Pool which promote our body healthy and lead our life well-being.
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