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What is Thalasso Therapy

Welcome to the world of Thalasso Bali at Grand Mirage Resort Bali

Feel the healing power of water and experience Thalasso Bali's rejuvenating treatments that are totally different to any others on the island.

The word was created by Dr. De La Bonnardiere, a French doctor in 1869, from the Greek word "thalassa" (sea) and "therapeuin" (the cure). It refers to the treatment using marine elements, seawater, and seaweed for curative and preventive means under medical supervision. Though the word was created in 19th century, the history of the use of seawater goes back 2500 years. The tradition of bathing in the sea begins in the ancient Roman times. Sea cleanses all the human illness, said Euripides-Greek Philosopher in BC 480.

In BC 420 Hippocrates, Galean and Aristole recommended hot seawater baths. The ancient Greeks and Romans were perfectly conscious that in the beginning, life existed only in the sea! Therefore they turned to the sea for a solution to their physical and medical problems. With the collapse of the Roman Empire the custom of seawater bath was forgotten until 18th century when the modern therapeutic basic of seawater was established.

For two centuries Thalassotherapy was only a medical technique which was initially devoted to rehabilitation and to treat serious illness such as rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, lumbar problems and reduction after bone's fracture, or sprain. But gradually, Thalassotherapy has moved towards a global conception for those under the conditions such as stress overwork, nervous tension, blood circulation problem, excess body weight, back pains, and for tobacco addiction which most of us who live in this modern society have at least one.

Today, Thalassotherapy responds to the needs of new and sophisticated clients by offering an all around approach to well being which focus on preventive. Other preventive therapy such as pressotherapy, aromatherapy and Javanese nutrition are also practiced in Thalasso Bali.

To be a true Thalassotherapy center, it must be on more than 2700 feet (800 meters) from the shore line, constantly pumping fresh seawater filtered through large canals to be used for treatments. There are about 50 Thalassotherapy centers spread out along the French cost, meanwhile Thalasso Bali at the Mirage Resort is proud to be the pioneer in South East Asia and eager to always deliver the finest personal services.
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