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Why Seaweed and Seawater ?

Probably many of you still do not realize that seaweed and seawater have been found to be a tremendous source of health and well - being. If you compare our own blood plasma to seawater's composition; it's almost identical. The mineral salts (mainly sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) are essential for the proper functioning of the body organism and Oligo - elements or trace elements of metal such as cobalt, iron, iodine, copper regulate the hormonal mechanism of the body. We need minerals to live, stabilize our cells, construct tissues, produce energy, and synthesize hormones. They are indispensable, but not always available. Seaweed has 10 times more Oligo - elements than seawater. Applied in a form of mud - paste and heated to 32 degree Celsius, the elements enter the human body to enhance its immune system and to stimulate the cells. The use of heat at Thalassotherapy helps to relieve pain, smoothen and constructions and relax muscles
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