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Meeting & Function Room/Area at Grand Mirage All inclusive

Meeting & Events Venues

Meeting & Function Room/Area

Featuring 5 meeting rooms, Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali unites the warmth of culture and the elegance of sophistication in the meeting rooms. The meeting rooms can accommodate from 5 to 250 people.


The grandiloquent light of the lamps perfectly showers this meeting room. The combination of the wall and the carpet color has created warm tones of Bali with elegant decoration. Able to accommodate 250 people with cocktail style, this ballroom measures 336 sqm. Positioned on the 2nd floor, this luxurious ballroom is close to lobby.
view ballroom layout


Baris Room

Located on the 2nd floor of Grand Mirage Resort, Baris Rooms is connected to Mirage Ballroom. This meeting room shares the same characteristics of the Ballroom with lower capacity. With cocktail style, this room can accommodate up to 50 attendees.
view baris room layout

Baris Room
Baris Room

Legong Room

With the seating arrangement, Legong Room is ideal for board meeting with 20 attendees. The gleaming clear light accentuates the formal ambience of this 60 sqm room. This stylish meeting room is located on the 3rd floor.
view legong room layout

Legong Room

Kecak Room

The Mirage waterfall sound on the first floor has created calm ambience in this meeting room. Luminous light accentuates the elegance of Kecak room. Measuring 140 sqm, this meeting room accommodates 50 pax for theater style. An ideal Bali meeting room for a small scale seminar. Kecak room is located on the first floor with the waterfall outside.
view kecak room layout

Janger Room

Located on the same floor as Legong, Janger follows more flexible seating arrangement than Legong. Scaling 30 sqm, this chic meeting room is perfect for small scale formal meeting.
view janger room layout

Meeting & Function Room/Area

SQ Meter
Theater Style Request
Max Class Style Possible
Banquet Style request
U-Shape Style
Cocktail Style
Mirage Ballroom +/- 336 2nd Floor 250 Pax 150 Pax 150 Pax 50 Pax 250 Pax
Baris Room 11, 25m X 6,48m 2nd Floor connected to Ball Room 40 Pax 24 Pax 16 Pax 26 Pax 30 Pax
Kecak 140 SQM 1st Floor right under the Ball room 50 Pax 30 Pax - 20 Pax -
Legong 60 SQM 3rd Floor close to 3345/3346 - - 20 Pax - -
Janger 30 SQM 3rd Floor close to Legong Room 20 Pax 15 Pax 10 Pax 8 Pax -
MCL 50 SQM 2nd Floor 20 Pax 20 Pax 20 Pax 10 Pax -
3345 & 3346
Each 70 SQM 3 Floor Close to Legong Room 20 Pax 20 Pax 20 Pax 15 Pax -
Sultan Suite 80 SQM Top Floor 30 Pax 40 Pax 20 Pax 10 -
La Cascata Section I and II 450 SQM 2 Floor Lobby Area 30 Pax 40 Pax 20 Pax 20 Pax -