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Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali

Legong ballroom meeting venue with state of the art facilities
Baris Meeting venue U shape setup, with state of the art facilities
Grand Mirage main ball room meeting venue, Cater for your memorable and successful event, Grand Mirage provides state of the art facilities
Grand Mirage offers a wide selection of theme party's, perfect to kick off your conference, treat your employees or simply to create a memorable night. Choose from a range of themes in the beautiful setting of lush tropical paradise venues just steps from the white sand of our private beach. This Bali all inclusive resort can accommodate up to 250 persons, and more than pleased to custom design any event to fit your needs.

Themed Buffet Party

Every evening, Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali enlighten the eerie night with themed buffet dinner. The executive chef brings his worldwide culinary experience into the dishes. There is no perfect word but impressive to describe the authentic food of Lagoon BBQ, Royal Balinese Village, and Tropical Fantasy.

Entertainment & Cultural Events

For perfect companions of the event, Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali provides a great selection of amusing entertainment. Find the suitable entertainment for the events!

Cabaret An energetic cabaret dance with stunning costume and lighting

Indonesian Keroncong Orchestra
Combining violin, bass, flute, piano and guitar to play old Indonesian music genre, keroncong, mixed with modern song

Mirage Duet
Keyboard and the soothing voice of female singer makes the event special.

Indonesian Fashion and Costume Parade
Models showing ethnic customs from the archipelago of Indonesia followed by a fashion show presenting western dresses from famous Indonesian designers

Mirage Band
Four to six person dance band with 2 vocalists
Children Choir
A choir of 30 children perfoming individual repertoire and Indonesian folklore

Kecak Dance
An exorcism dance of Balinese God

The story of Rajapala, Ken Sulasih, and their son, I Durma

Legong Dance
A feminine dance of two girls before stepping their puberty period

Joged Bumbung
Welcome dance with guests' participation

Frog Dance
A dance about a beautiful women kissing a frog Angklung Bamboo
Angklung is made from bamboo. This music instrument is originally from West Java.

Ceremonial courtesy dance of Balinese youngster getting acquainted

The Mirage Trio or Quartet
Vocalist and instrumental shows

Other Entertainment Include
Nusantara Dance, Fire Dance
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