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Bali Kite Festival

Tanjung Benoa, 7 August 2014,

On 29-31 July 2014, hundreds of customary hamlets in Bali sent the youngsters to join Balinese Kite Festival in Padang Galak Beach, Sanur. The participants were willing to take a 2 or 3-hour drive to Sanur to fly the toys that was firstly introduced in China in 200 B.C. The mass flooded the beach to support their hamlet representatives or just to watch the giant bird (janggan) and fish kites (bebean). To make the carnival more glorious, some people played the gamelan or other traditional musical instruments. Padang Galak Kite Festival is established annually during the strong wind season which commonly falls in August.

Giant Fish Kites (Bebean)

Bird Kites (Janggan)

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