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Panorama Lounge is Now Open at 11 am!

Tanjung Benoa, 5 December 2013,

The rainy season is now approaching. The sunrays are lately replaced by water drips. When the drizzle comes, spending time in a lounge with a glass of cocktail on the table can be an option to cherish the holiday. Having a savvy of this condition, Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali opens Panorama Lounge earlier, from 11 am to 1 am which is longer than before. The good news is that this Bali resort will apply this new opening hour for good. Thanks to the rainy season that has inspired Grand Mirage.

Along with the new opening hours, Panorama offers a promo, Cocktail of the Week- a fresh idea of cocktail which is not on the menu. With maximum USD 7++, the guest can sip this special drink.

Do you want to taste the “Cocktail of the Week”? Stop reading and order it in Panorama Lounge!

Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali offers Gold All Inclusive Package which is sumptuously designed to be at every guest’s liking. Tasty food in 3 restaurants and beverages in 2 bars, a tranquil sanctuary with bewitching view, fun activities, and laundry service are all wrapped in the package. For further information, please visit our website www.grandmirage.com.

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