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Remarkable Christmas Celebration at Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali

Tanjung Benoa, 27 December 2013,

To celebrate Jesus’ birthday, Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali organized a series of events on December 24 to December 25. It started with management cocktail party on December 24 followed by dinner, children games on the next day, and ended with Christmas dinner.

Management Cocktail Party

There was a sudden plan shifting when the rain poured in Bali for over 2 days. This cocktail party was previously announced to be at the beach, but then, this resort prepared everything at the lobby due to the weather. This cocktail party began at 6.30 on December 24 at Mirage Lobby which has been finely decorated with Christmas tree and Gingerbread house. Some guests took pictures of their kids in front of the full-of Christmas-light ginger house which is specially designed by the Executive Chef, Matthew Wood. At 7 pm, a children choir from Denpasar Getsemani Church marched to the lobby and entertained the party attendees with some Christmas songs such as Silent Night, We Wish you a Merry Christmas, and Jingle Bells. This choir had successfully boosted the glory of Christmas.

Children choir from Denpasar Getsemani Church

The choir entertained the management cocktail party attendees

Children Games

Marching Band from junior high school students of SMP 8 had initiated this children ‘party’ as well as welcomed the Santa Claus who visited Grand Mirage Resort &Thalasso Bali together with his 2 black Petes. The Santa parked his deer and cart somewhere and brought a cab as a substitute. He liked this idea as this cab was more beach-friendly than his own cart, and he could carry some good kids inside his cab while he was touring this beachfront resort. He then eventually sat on Mirage chapel to distribute Christmas presents to all the children in Grand Mirage. After all the kids had accepted their gifts, Santa left Grand Mirage Resort, and the staff continued the party with several attractive games: wearing sarong competition, picking-up ping pong ball with chopstick, bouncing ball race, Christmas present wrapping, making special decorations for Christmas.

To open the kids program, marching band from SMP 8 Denpasar attracted the crowd

Santa, Black Petes and the cab

Presents for good kids

Food stall for the kids

Children games

The children were very enthusiastic in this party, even this resort found a new talented MC that ecstatically led all the competitions and events, Alex. He grabbed a microphone, commented on the competition, sang, danced, and did all the MC jobs till the kids program ended at 12.30 pm. Great job, Alex!

Our new talented MC

The MC and his new friends were busy selecting a song to play

Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner

The dinners were organized in all outlets of Grand Mirage Resort on December 24 and 25. Every outlet had meticulously decorated with Christmas ornaments. The dinners started at 7 pm and were opened with different entertainments in every outlet. For those who preferred to choose their own meal, this Nusa Dua hotel provided buffet at Grand Café on Christmas Eve, and at Rama Stage on Christmas. La Cascata dinner was set up for those who liked to have a romantic dinner with instrumental music, while Jukung was prepared for those who loved to enjoy dinner accompanied by the ocean breeze. Panorama was still special with its cocktail and live music.

Buffet dinner at Grand Cafe

Romantic Christmas dinner at La Cascata

Romantic Christmas dinner at Jukung

This duo entertained those who sipped cocktails at Panorama Lounge

Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali is a 5 star family-friendly resort in Tanjung Benoa, Bali. Featuring all inclusive as the main product, this beachfront resort does the best to cope with different needs of the guests. Fun water sports, cultural and educational activities, serene haven with breathtaking view, delectable dishes, and laundry service are all wrapped in the all inclusive package. For further information, please visit www.grandmirage.com.

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