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The Mirage Resort Will Launch The First E-Newsletter

Tanjung Benoa, 10 December 2012,

To facilitate the delivery of the Mirage Resort’s news and to unleash the flow of communication between the Mirage Resort with its public, the Mirage Resort will publish the first E-Newsletter with the first edition titled ‘Christmas and New Year’ in mid of this month.

The Mirage Resorts E-Newsletter will provides individual links to the News section of the website and also a variety of links that are connected to the Mirage Resort's social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and Google Map by clicking the respective icon buttons.

Readers were also given the option to remain subscribed, or can choose not to subscribe. Thus, the flow of information submitted is able to achieve maximum results without overflow in spreading the news.

The launch of the Mirage Resorts E-Newsletter is scheduled to be published every month, and expected to be able to reach the entire public of the Mirage Resort and have a positive impact for the public and the Mirage Resort.

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