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Visit to Institute for Handicapped Children

Tanjung Benoa, 14 January 2014,

On January 9, 2014, one of our loyal guests, Aguire Mirta, her family, and Grand Mirage team visited an orphanage for disable children and teenagers, Yayasan Pembina Anak Cacat (Institute for Handicapped Children) in Jimbaran. Mrs. Aguire intentionally brought some travel bags of clothes and toys to be donated when she was having a holiday in Bali. Meanwhile, Grand Mirage team also carried pool towels for the children. During the visit, Mrs. Aguire, her family, and Grand Mirage team mingled with the kids and teenagers, sang together, and taught some new vocabularies for them.

YPAC had been firstly initiated in 1985 and dedicated for those who have physical or mental disabilities. Now, this orphanage takes care of 40 children. For them, this orphanage is their home and school, and it is undeniably that YPAC has successfully developed the kids’ potential. Some of the kids have been awarded for winning some competitions such as swimming and weightlifting competitions.

The donation were given to Mr. Putu Nitiyasa, the one who is taking care of this orphanage

Gracia, this 5-year-old girl has not been able to talk and walk yet

He is a weightlifting athlete!

Grand Mirage team, Aguire family and the children


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