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Christmas Issue - Santa Claus Is Coming To The Grand Mirage Resort

Tanjung Benoa, 12 December 2011,

Celebrate the wonderful Christmas, because Santa and his helpers will come to the Grand Mirage Resort on 25 December 2011. The celebration starts off with a marching band performed at Rama Theatre and Santa Claus will arrive from the North Pole.

Kids and families activities will surprised all the guests with the various games such as Limbo, wrapping gift contest, plastic racing and many others games. Games will be started from 11 am.

Parents can surprised their children by give their present to Santa Claus with the name of respective child. Simply submit the present to the Cool’s Lounge Receptionist, at the latest one day before Christmas Day.

Santa will also personally serve the guests during Christmas Buffet Dinner at the Grand Café. A children choir and Mirage quartet will accompany the guests with Christmas Tunes and carol.

The guests also can enjoy the rich and tantalizing 4 course Turkey Set Menu in a wonderful and romantic setting in the evening, will be specially served at the La Cascata Restaurant.

Special celebration ‘A Day with Santa’ only at the Grand Mirage Resort, at the playful side of paradise.

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