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Mepandes - Teeth Filing Ceremony

Tanjung Benoa, 22 September 2014,

One of the Balinese ceremonies that attract both domestic and international tourists is teeth filing ritual which is called metatah/mepandes/mesangih. This is actually a rite to remove the sharp edges of the canine teeth which symbolize the bad side of a person. Every parent is obliged to organize mepandes for all the children.

There is no age limitation for this ceremony, but those who have not entered the puberty period are not allowed to have their teeth ‘shaped’. Girls that already have their first period and the boys who acquire their deep voices have considered fulfilling the requirements of this ceremony. It is advisable to carry out this ceremony for a person before he or she is tying the knot, but there are some cases that a married man/ woman can still do this ritual.

Balinese people need to choose a good day for mepandes or they insert it in other big ceremonies, such as wedding. Only family members are welcomed to witness this ceremony since the moment is considered as critical time when the person is between dead or alive. An outsider may bring viciousness that can kill the person.

Mepandes is an important rite that every Balinese person should experience. Both parents and the children commonly invite the colleagues, schoolmates or neighbors to the celebration of Mepandes.

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