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Pagerwesi Day at Beachfront All Inclusive Resort

Tanjung Benoa, 20 June 2012,

In Bali, the rich and endless cycle of Hindu ceremonies and rituals means that no matter when and how long you visit Bali, there is sure to be something interesting happening for you to see. One of the famous Hindu ceremonies is Pagerwesi. Literally meaning the day of iron fences, Pagerwesi is celebrated in devotion to the guardian of universe, Sang Hyang Pramesti Guru. It is a day to strengthen one’s fortification against the evil. Pagerwesi which is celebrated in every home compound and temple throughout Bali is the third most celebrated holidays in Bali after Galungan and Nyepi Day. Balinese Hindu usually celebrates Pagerwesi every six months according to the Balinese Lunar Calendar system called Pakuwon.

Actually, Pagerwesi has a connection with Saraswati Day, celebrated four days prior. On Pagerwesi, people honor Siva who has transferred knowledge during Saraswati Day. The rituals performed during Pagerwesi also mean that knowledge must be protected from bad influences.

On Pagerwesi Day the Balinese will be dressed in their best temple garbs. They welcome to every visitor to enter the temple and witness the proceedings. When you have a chance to attend temple ritual, it is important that you wear appropriate temple dress and comply with the Balinese etiquettes. You can contact our tour desk attendant in the Lobby area to arrange a temple and Balinese village tour.

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